Regengraze-Workshop with Jaime Elizondo (USA/MX)

Friday 12th of April – sunday 14th of April 2019

Schernbach, Black Forest, Germany

Raising livestock in the image of nature: A holistic profit oriented model to increase yields and quality of livestock productions

Jaime Elizondo (Mexico/USA) is internationally renown for sharing his profound knowledge about regenerative grazing and holistic pasture management in a simple and applicable way. Learn about the natural behaviour of your lifestock, using it to build up healthy soil, increasing biomass while developing a balanced pasture flora. Financial benefits are just one positiv sideeffect beside many others.

The Workshop is taught in English!

For an application to the workshop please fill in the form >>here<<

Workshop duration and times

The workshop starts on friday 12th, 10am and ends on sonday at 14th, 4pm.

The arrival is possible on thursday evening and especially recommended for people who travel long distances to start together and without interruptions on friday.

During the evenings there will be time and space for networking.

Solidarity-based finanzing

We organize the course in the spirit of comunity-supported-agriculture. So there is an an approximate fee of 400€ we need in avarage by every participant > So you are welcome to pay as much as you can, supporting to cover the expances of our common course. In case we can’t cover the cost at first, we will will ask for a second donation round…
There will be full transparency about the finanzes on the course

Location: Schernbach – Hof Sonnenwald for regenerative agriculture

The Academy for applied good life and Sonnenwald-community are starting a new ecovillage and a community based farm in south Germany (black-forest-region) this spring 2019. We purchased a 70ha farm (already for 30years organically farmed) and are in the process of evolving it to a farm for practical research on regenerative agriculture.

Our aim is to develop a resilient and productive farm which is regenerating biodiversity, soil-fertility and wellbeing while strongly connecting with the local culture and economy.

The farm is 1/2 Grassland and 1/2 cropland.

Currently we are working together with the old farmer and up from Summer 2019 we are going to set up agroforestrysystems, shifting to holistic pasture management with mother-cow-herd & chicken mobiles, and no-till on the Agricultural land (with covercrops, mixtures, and pasture-cropping trials) further we start with a biointensive Market garden and honey-bees).

We are trying to design everything in a way that we can do scientifically accompanied farming with universities and research-institutes in Germany.

How to arrive

Haus Sonnenwald

Haldenweg 15, 72297 Seewald

Next Trainstation is Freudenstadt. You can check on DB-Navigator for busses from Freudenstadt to Schernbach/ take taxis. We also can organize one shuttle from Freudenstadt around 21:00 on the 11th April.

Carparkingplaces are available in front of the Seminarhouse.

We don’t recommend taking an airplane (as each flight is contributing a lot to global climatchange). But if you choose so: airport Stuttgart is close by.

We will offer an online-coordinationpad to ride-sharing with all participants (a big opportunity for networking, lowering emissions and costs). If you don’t agree with your email being made available to others this way please let us know with your application.

Course objectives:

Introducing and spreading holistic-pasture-management to Central Europe and helping farmersto realize the maximum sustainable profit per ranch. We also aim to multiplicate the topic in universities and organisations.

Topics covered:

1. Grazing management and planning

-Pasture and animal physiology
-Selective vs. Non selective grazing
-Grazing at high and ultra high density
-Pasture subdivision
-Electric fencing and mobile water troughs
-Pasture and animal monitoring
-Perennial pasture and new species of interest
-Weed management in pastured

2. Protein and mineral supplementation

3. Agro-Silvo-Pasture

4. Criteria for genetic selection and planning calving correctly

5. Natural parasite management

6. Barn litter management and compost

About Jaime Elizondo

A lifelong pioneer cattleman with international experience

Jaime was raised on a cattlemen family in Tampico, Mexico. After attaining a degree as an Agronomy Engineer in 1984 he specialized on cattle and bought a ranch in 1990, facing challenges like high input costs while prices for his products were low.

Since then he experienced many positive effects of different methods in stock farming, like adequate supplementation of cattles, enhancing the levels of organic matter in soils by choosing adjusted stock density and -time, using cows adapted to the climate conditions, keyline ploughing and more.

Getting better and better results in returns, product quality and animal health, he even used usually non-palatable brushes as a fodder source by adding a tannin sequestrant.

Jaimes techniques and his knowledge are not only performing well in drylands, they can be applied throughout all climate zones if principles are understood.

He just published a great new book this January: „Regenerative Ranching: Maximum sustainable profit by ranching in nature’s image“

For an application to the Regengraze-workshop please fill in the form >>here<<

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